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The Autism project is a multimedia arts project that aims to reflect the truth of living with autism in the family.

The work focuses around the reality of autism instead of the media portrayal, with special focus being on sibling relationships and the effect autism has on these.

The hope is that families, where autism is a part of everyday life and those with autism themselves will contribute by sending their family images and  artwork to become a part of the project.  The more people we have contribute the more we can show that autism is not a one size fits all diagnosis and how, although there are moments of tears and anguish, there are also those of great love and warmth.


A selection of the images will be showcased in a book that will be distributed to selected venues and we aim to have an exhibition of chosen works.


The final part of the project will consist of a documentary that outlines the reality of autism, the experiences of those with the “disorder” and their close families, including where appropriate, their siblings.  This documentary will be screened at exhibition venues, available online and entered into film festivals.

Contributions are welcome and positively encouraged.


By showing the reality of living with autism it is hoped we break down barriers and myths surrounding the disorder.

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